Ottawa Coalition for a People’s Budget

The Ottawa Coalition for a People's Budget is a broad coalition of organizations from across the City that advocate for social, environmental and economic justice for all residents. These organizations collectively recognize that the way money is spent in the City needs to change. Through the coalition, organizations have together to advocate for a City Budget that upholds a core focus on the people and communities of Ottawa.

The Alternative Municipal Budget is a document that attempts to show what the City of Ottawa could accomplish if they were guided by a true commitment to values of social equity, human dignity, fairness and environmental sustainability instead of the interests of a privileged few. It is an exercise in participatory budget-making that tries to show what could happen if community stakeholders had a real say in the discussion on how our money gets spent.

Alternative Municipal Budget Executive Summary (Bilingual)

Coalition Members

Horizon Ottawa | City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) - the academic and community members of the CAWI board  | Ottawa Transit Riders | Courage Ottawa | Free Transit Ottawa | Child Care Now Ottawa | Justice for Abdirahman Coalition | Healthy Transportation Coalition Ottawa | Climate Justice Ottawa | ACORN Ottawa | Criminalization and Punishment Education Project (CPEP) | Carleton Graduate Student's Association | Coalition Against More Surveillance (CAMS) | Harmony House Ottawa | The Energy Mix | Coalition for a Green New Deal Ottawa | For Our Kids Ottawa/Gatineau | Ottawa South Eco-Action Network (OSEAN)

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